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folder-icon 504 ACH Debit Data Entry and Document Upload via ETRAN folder-icon 504 Closing Document Upload and CAFS folder-icon 504 ETRAN POC mapping and associated documents folder-icon 504 Submission Types folder-icon 504 Submitting a 327 or Ship Request folder-icon ACH Data Entry for PPP Loans folder-icon ACH Etran Validation -For Borrower Tax ID XXX the full 9 digit zip code is mandatory folder-icon Credit Elsewhere Options for ETRAN folder-icon Error communicating with SBA Etran Service ( The service did not respond after waiting 15 minutes: Confirm application was not created folder-icon ETRAN 504 Lenders - Interim Lender Wiring Information folder-icon ETRAN 504 Submission of Terms and Conditions and Ship Request folder-icon ETRAN 912 Submission Package for 7a folder-icon ETRAN: Aged Out Status folder-icon ETRAN: Changing SBA Processing Method folder-icon ETRAN - Character Determination Background package for 504 folder-icon ETRAN - Data Transfer & Uploading Compensation Agreement (Form 159) to SBA folder-icon ETRAN Document Upload folder-icon ETRAN - Passing Collateral records from Ventures to ETRAN folder-icon ETRAN: Principal and/or Contact Ownership Requirements folder-icon ETRAN Statuses and Workflow folder-icon ETRAN Validation Rule: ApplicationNumber XXX is not in IP status. folder-icon Etran Validation Rule - For Borrower, the Primary Borrower Tax ID (Tax ID XXX) cannot match the SSN of any of the Primary Borrower Principals folder-icon ETRAN Validation Rule: For Lender, do not have an active agreement (219) folder-icon ETRAN Validation Rule: For Principal, Percent Ownership percentage provided requires Principal to be a Controlling Interest Entity folder-icon ETRAN Validation Rule: For Proceed 21, Other Proceeds Type Description is Mandatory folder-icon Etran Validation Rule - Missing required field: Primary Loan - Revolving Term folder-icon Etran Validation Rule - Request has already been uploaded and processed. Possible causes are: you pressed the upload button twice, you forgot you uploaded it earlier, a colleague of yours uploaded it and forgot to tell you folder-icon Etran Validation Rule - Start Up requires 15% Injection folder-icon ETRAN Validation Rule: You are not authorized to process loan applications for Location ID XXX folder-icon ETRAN: Ventures Link to Existing Loan folder-icon ETRAN: Why is the status within CAFS different from what's in Ventures? folder-icon SBSS Score Failing folder-icon SBSS Scoring a loan folder-icon Send Servicing Fees less than or equal to $2,500 to ETRAN folder-icon Submitting IPERIA Audits via ETRAN
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