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Etran Validation Rule - Missing required field: Primary Loan - Revolving Term
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The following validation rule applies to 7a Lenders:  Missing Required Field: Primary Loan - Revolving Term


You're submitting an application via ETRAN and you receive a validation error stating:  Missing Required field:  Primary Loan - Revolving Loan


What does this mean?  It means you have checked the Line of Credit check box within Financing > Project Costs.   You will need to input a date within Financing > Financing > Revolving Months field.   See snapshots below.





Tip: For Revolving loans, Amortizing Term + Revolving Term must equal the Loan Term.


504 Lenders


If you're a 504 lender and are throwing this error it could be the loan was originally copied or originated as a 7a loan (the error is specific to a 7a field within Ventures).  To solve the validation follow these steps:


  1. From within your 504 loan: Access the General > General tab
  2. Click on the hyperlinked Loan Type and change it to a 7a loan type
  3. Click Next to continue.  A pop up will appear, continue to change the Loan Type.  Another pop up will appear - Click Close (Your loan should now be reflecting 7a as the loan type)
  4. Access the Financing > Project Costs tab and scroll down
  5. Un-check the Line of Credit box and click Save
  6. Go back to the General > General tab and change the loan type back to 504 by clicking on the hyperlinked Loan Type
  7. Try your ETRAN submission again


These steps should clear the validation but if it doesn't, please reach out to your Ventures Support team






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