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ETRAN - Passing Collateral records from Ventures to ETRAN
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If Lenders have more than one collateral record in their Ventures Collateral table the record for the additional non-Project Property record(s) will need to be passed to ETRAN.  How do you do this?


Within a loan in Ventures:

  • Click on SBA Submission menu;
  • Click on Etrans;
  • Click on the green +Add button to create a new application;
  • Enter your CAFS credentials;
  • Complete the General Submission and Submission Questions sections
  • In the Submit Optional Information select Collateral Records 
  • By selecting this option you will creating collateral records within ETRAN for your loan.  
  • Ventures makes it easy for you and has implemented a new update that automatically defaults the All Collateral checkbox, ensuring that all collateral records will be sent to ETRAN. It is important to note that unchecking the All Collateral checkbox will result in only the Project Property Collateral record being sent, which may potentially lead to a screenout by SBA.



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