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ETRAN 912 Submission Package for 7a
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ETRAN - Submitting your 912 Package for 7a loans


  1. From Ventures > Make sure your Loan Status is set to Open >  access the SBA Submissions > Etran menu
  2. Click on the Existing "Application #" or if an application does not exist click on the Green Add Button to Add a new application (the green Add Button will only be visible if there is no existing application #).  If your loan is $350k or less it will first need to be scored.  


  • If your Loan is $350k or less and needs to be scored - your view will look like this:




   3. Now that you have either Scored your loan and created a new Application or are using an existing application > Access SBA Submission > Click on the hyperlinked Application #.  Note: Refer to the attached SBA Procedural Notice 5000-19014 for steps to follow after uploading your 912 package.



   4. Select Upload > Enter your CLS Credentials > Click Next





   5. Select Application Files as the Submission Type > Continue.  If you do not see Application Files as an option make sure your Ventures Loan Status is set to Open.



  6.  You will land in the Exhibit Documents tab > Upload your 912 package within the Signed SBA Form 912 Package (590) bucket





Important Note: Refer to the attached SBA Procedural Notice 5000-19014 for additional steps to take after uploading the 912 package.

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