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ETRAN - Character Determination Background package for 504
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ETRAN - Submitting your Criminal Background package (FKA 912 Package) for 504 loans


  1. From Ventures > Make sure your Loan Status is set to Open >  access the SBA Submissions > Etran menu
  2. Click on the Existing "Application #" or if an application does not exist click on the Green Add Button to Add a new application (the green Add Button will only be visible if there is no existing application #).  


   3. If you are creating/adding a new application > select the Pre-Application option > Click Next to create the Pre-Application



  4. Now that you have either created a new application or are using an existing application # > Access SBA Submission > Etrans > Click on the hyperlinked Application #Note: Be sure to refer to the attached SBA Procedural Notice 5000-19014 for steps to follow after uploading your 912 package.



5.  Click on the Green Upload Button > Enter your CLS Credentials > Click Next



   6.  Click on Upload Files



7. Select Application as the Submission Type.  If you do not see Application in the drop down make sure your Ventures loan status is set to Open.  Edit / Add / Remove any Point of Contacts > Click on Continue



8. Click on the Exhibit Documents tab > scroll down to locate and Upload the Criminal Background package (FKA 912 package) within the 912 bucket (1009)





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