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Payments Video Trainings
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Here are our previously recorded webinars covering Payment Administration, Boarding and Transaction Types, along with links to relevant articles in our Knowledge Base:


Administration and Boarding Webinar



Transaction Types



Boarding and Administration

How to Board a Payment Account in Payments

Schedule Transactions: Seasonal and Irregular payment schedule loans

Payments: How to add a new Owner/Investor/Pool

Payments How to add an Owner/Investor/Fund when boarding a payment account

Payments Administration FAQs

New Loan Type: Setting up Payments Settings in Administration



Transaction Menu

Payments: How to Post a Payment

Payments Payment Transaction Types

Payments Fee Transaction Types

Payments Adjustment Transaction Types

Payments Set Transaction Types

How to Waive or Reduce Fees: Late, NSF, and Other



Default Billing Statement Set Up

Payments > Billing menu explained

Setting up your Emailed Billing Statements

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