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Setting up your Emailed Billing Statements
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1) To set up your Email Billing Statements settings, go to the Main Menu Payments Tab > Settings > General Menu.



2) Go to the Billing Statement Email section.

3) Enter the Subject and the Body you want to have appear when Borrower's receive their Billing Statement by email.

    NOTE: BOTH Subject and Body need to have text entered, otherwise, an error will throw when generating Billing Statements.

4) Check the Append Log # to Subject box if you want the Log Number to appear in the Subject Line of the email to the borrower along with your entered Subject. This can be helpful if the borrower replys back to the Billing Statement email and you need to look up their loan record.

    NOTE: The email of the user who is generating the Billing Statement emails, will be the inbox where reply back emails from Borrowers will go.

5) Click SAVE.






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