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Payments Actions Menu > History menu
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When processing actions in bulk within Payments, you will be able to view a history of bulk actions performed. This history record shows what user initiated the action, when the action was performed, and the results of the processed bulk action. This is a great auditing tool if you need to research an issue or if you need to review skipped transactions for a bulk action performed at a later time.


To access the History menu 

  • Go to the Main Menu Payments tab (upper right hand menu)
  • Click on the Actions Menu (left side menu)
  • This will open up a list of submenus, select History

To view the history of a specific bulk action performed, click on the drop down menu within History and select an option. Please note, if you performed any of these actions within the Payments > Transactions menu of individual loans, they will NOT be recorded in this menu. Only actions that have been processed in bulk, within the Actions menu, will be recorded. You can view the histories of the following actions initiated in the Actions menu:

  • Apply Payments
  • Change Base Rate
  • Generate Statements
  • NACHA Payments
  • Reamortize


Once an action has been selected, the record of that action being performed will appear in the grid. In the example below, the history of Change Base Rate is being shown in the grid. The user can see:

  • The History ID (unique ID number of recorded action)
  • Date and time action performed
  • Added by which user
  • Action performed
  • # of attempted base rate changes
  • # of successful base rate changes
  • Comments showing the loan types this action affected


If the user would like to view a more detailed history of a specific transaction, click on the hyperlinked History ID number to open the History Record.

  • The Results tab will show you what was successful and unsuccessful when processing the bulk action.You can click on the hyperlinked log number to view the transaction or make a correction
  • The Transactions tab will show the actual transaction record that was successfully posted to each loan



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