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Payments: How to add a new Owner/Investor/Pool
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Q: How do I add a new owner, investor, loan fund, or loan pool so that it appears in the Change Ownership drop-down menu when trying to add them to a loan record?   



A: You will need to add them within the Payments Main Menu > Ownership menu.  The steps for doing this are provided below.

  • Click on the Ownership menu to expand the table
  • Click on the Owners sub-menu to be redirected to the table where the Owners are managed
  • Click on the green +Add



1) If the owner, investor, loan fund, or loan pool already has an existing VCard on your Ventures site, select it via the dropdown menu in the Company field. 

  • If you need to add a new Company contact, click Add New. *** Be careful not to create a duplicate VCard in the system. Start to type the first part of the Company name, instead of the entire name. As you type, the system will make suggestions of exisiting companies in the system. If you do not see the option you need, then create a new record***



2) Select the Owner type and click Save.

  • Owner Type designation is for your own internal tracking.
  • If creating a new Company record (from Step 1 above), the company will be assigned a Lender role in the Companies Main Menu tab regardless of Owner Type designation.
  • Lender -  This can be used if a lender is servicing a portfolio or if a lending company is a participant in the loan. 
  • Owner - This can be used to assign pools, funds, or an investor to the loan.





3)  You have now successfully added a new owner, investor, loan fund, or loan pool to your Owners list, and that option will now appear in the Ownership menu > New Owner dropdown menu within a loan.




4) To confirm the Company is available to select within the Ownership menu, follow the steps below.

  • Click on the Payments menu within a loan to expand the table
  • Click on the Ownership sub-menu
  • Click on Change Ownership
  • Click on the New Owner drop-down menu and select the Company.


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