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Default Billing Statement Set Up
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Users have the option of sending the same system billing statement to all borrowers or, if they have Web Templates, they can 1) assign a custom billing statement to all borrowers or 2) assign different custom billing statements per loan type.


Default System Billing Statement

  1. If you need to set up or change (only applicable if you have Web Templates) your default billing statement you need to go to

    • Payments > Settings > General tab

  2. Click on the Default Statement field and type in the document title you want to add as the default statement. If there is already a document selected and you want to change it, delete out the document name and start typing the document title you want to select. As you type the system will display documents that match your title for you to select. When you see the document you want to use, click it to select it

  3. Review your entries then click Save.





Billing Statements per Loan Type 

An administrator will be needed to set up the billing statement per loan type. 

  1. Go to Administration > Reference > Loan > Loan Types. Click the name of the loan type that needs a custom billing statement.




  1. In the pop up that appears click on the Payment Settings tab


  1. Type in the document title that you want to use in the Billing Statements field. As you type the dropdown menu will show you documents that match your title.  When you see it, select it from the drop down menu. Click Save.



  1. Repeat steps #2-3 for each loan type where you want to add a customized statement. If you leave this field blank, the loan type will use the Default Statement set up in Payments > Settings > General for billing. 


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