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Is there a field for XXXXX in Web Templates?
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There are hundreds of fields in Web Templates and no one is expected to know them all. To help users find fields a little faster, the fields for the main Document types can be found in the Help area.


  1. Click on the Help icon in the toolbar menu.
  2. Please note the naming conventions used for Web Template merge fields.
  3. The first column is the Category of the data, followed by the name of the Merge Field and finally a description of the merge field data.
    • You can use your browser's Find menu by using "CTRL+F" to open up search options on the webpage. This will help you search the list for key words.


"I cannot not find the field I'm looking for in the list above."

The main fields in web templates are for those items where you generally have 1 per project. For instance, you only have 1 SBA Loan number per project or only 1 Primary OC per project. If you are looking for fields that you can pull for areas where there may be multiples per project (like collateral, project costs, entities and contacts), you will need to use special fields and templates.


  1. Do you only need 1 piece of information for this web template? For example, you want the Established Date for 1 of the Entities but you do not see that field as an option in the Help list.
    • If you only need just 1 piece of information for 1 record, you can use the Parameter merge fields associated with that area. So in the example above, this information is located in the merge field parameter called "Loan Company".
    • Once you add the field, you must define what data it will show from the Loan Company area.
    • These parameters force the user to select an Entity when printing the document from the Documents area. Many of these parameters are NOT COMPATIBLE with Bulk Letters and will not work in that area.
  2. Do you need information from more than one record in a project? For example, you may want the Name and SSN of every principal guarantor for a section of your document.
    • Since every loan can have a different number of guarantors in each loan, the only way to approach this is via a Sub Template. See our related articles on Sub Templates:
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