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How Can I get a list of Bulk Letter Emails that Failed?
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When using the Bulk Letters to send out mass emails, all successful emails will be added to each project's Notes area. However, if any emails are not delivered for various reasons, you may want to get a list of those emails that were not delivered so you can contact the borrower in a different manner. In order to do this, you will need to have Site Administrator access to view the email history of your site.


  1. All bulk emails that are processed will be shown in the Administration area. Site Administrators:  click on Administration > History > Emails.

  2. Because this area shows every email sent out of Ventures, you may want to use the Search bar to filter the list based on the Subject of the Bulk Letter email. You do not need to use the full subject text but use enough text to filter down the list.

  3. Use the gear wheel icon to export this list out to Excel. In Excel, you can use additional filtering and sorting tools to only show those emails with a non-delivered status.

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