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Web Template Formatting FAQs & Tips
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Q: My document is creating 1.5 spaces every time I hit Enter. How do I make it single spacing?


A: You can create single spacing by holding down the SHIFT key while hitting ENTER.


Q: How do I add an image to my document?


A: To quickly add an image to the document, use the Image button in the toolbar. 

Because images are imported in their full resolution, you may wish to adjust the image size before inserting it into the document by using the Height and/or Width options which are set to number of pixels.


Q: Some Ventures templates allow me to select criteria before generating the document within the loan. How can I set up my template to do the same?


A: Printing criteria for the Documents section can be define by two types of fields.

  • Parameters - Fields within the Parameters group will create criteria for the user to select before printing. Below, you can see an example of the types of Parameters available:
  • Sub Templates - Sub Templates will create criteria options for the document that the user must select before printing.

Q: How do I get the Loan Amount to be spelled out instead of as numbers?


A: Many fields like those dealing with dollar amounts will have additional options to configure. By clicking on the field in the template, you can chose the "Text" option to make the value show as text.


Q: My table does not appear to format correctly and does not resize when I use my mouse to resize the columns and rows.


A: Tables can be tricky within the web templates and do not behave in the same manner as in WORD. The best option is to create your table in Word and format it how you would like it in the document. Then copy and paste this table into your Web Template.

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