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Creating Sub-Templates within Ventures
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Sub-Templates within Ventures let's you grab data from tables and then filter on the selection after adding the sub-template to your master web template.  Sub-Templates are always used within master templates.


When would you use a sub-template? We have found that Sub-Templates are useful when requesting annual servicing items.  For example, in lieu of creating a table and inputting a field for all your yearly Financial entries within the Tracking > Financials/Tax Returns table you could create a sub-template that would automatically grab the data for you.   


How do you create a sub-template? Within Web Templates click on the green Add button.  Name your template and select the Template Type of Sub Template from the drop-down.  The next step is selecting your Data Source Type of which you have a variety of options.  Lastly, click on the green Continue button.



Your next step is adding the Merge Field(s) to your sub-template from the list of available options within the Search Merge Fields drop-down.  In this example I only have 1 option as I selected All Items Due as my Data Source in the snapshot above.  Save your Sub-Template and return to your Web Template document.



Visit the article labeled Using a Sub-Template within a Master document for more information.


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