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Creating Custom Credit Memos
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The Web Templates allow users to use the various sections from the Credit Memos to create and customize their own credit memos. These custom credit memos can be used for internal purposes such as internal management approval or loan committee/board review and/or approval. Custom credit memos can be created in one of two ways.


1A. Copy an existing System Credit Memo.

All Ventures Credit Memos are currently available in Web Templates to be copied. Use the Copy button to make a copy of an existing template to customize.


1B. Create a new, blank Credit Memo from scratch.

Sometimes it's easier to just start from scratch.

  • Click Add to start a new document.
  • Name your custom document. Select "Document" as the Template Type and "Credit Memo" as the Data Source Type.


2. Add credit memo sections or remove them.

Whether you are customizing an existing memo or starting a new one, it's important to remember that each Web Template merge field for Credit Memos is a full section of that data.

  • To delete and remove sections, just use the delete or backspace key on your keyboard or highlight the field and then delete.
  • To add sections into the document, use the Merge field option to find and add a section.


3. Some sections provide additional options to show and hide information.

Click on each merge field to see if additional options are available for you.


4. Configure the credit memo to appear in the loan types that are applicable.

On the General tab of the template, the custom memo can be configured to show for specific Loan Categories and Loan Types that would use this Credit Memo.

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