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Release Notes - 2023-01-18

![][1] **January 18th, 2023 Announcements** **Ventures+** * * * **504 ETRAN SUBMISSION ENHANCEMENT** Lenders can now update data within their application and generate the Authorization when the Etran Status is Application In Process or Awaiting Documents. Review the KB article which includes a helpful step by …

Release Notes - 2022-10-26

**![][1]** **October 26th, 2022** **Announcements** # **Ventures+** * * * * We have updated our Size Standards search feature and our SBA Size Standards excel download to bring in the latest version (effective 10/1/2022) in the Loan Analysis > Size Standards menu. **![][2]** * In order to help our 7A Lender…

Foundational Webinar Series

Here you will find recordings of our previously recorded webinars or links to the videos in our Knowledge Base. The videos are edited for time and have chapters for convenient navigation through topics covered in the webinar. Viewing Tips: * Use the Table of Contents option to quickly jump to a chapter of the webi…

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