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Manually Completing and Deactivating a Tickler
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Is your loan in an Out of Portfolio state and/or no longer requires tickler tracking?  Don’t delete your tickler or tracking items instead manually Complete the tickler which places it in a Deactivated status.

How would you do this?

              1)  From within the loan record select: Tracking > Ticklers



2) From the tickler table click on the hyperlinked name for the tickler you would like to Complete/Deactivate:

3)  Click on the Utilities Tab

  • Click on Complete (Note: this will deactivate the tickler making it inactive)
  • Click Save to proceed with this action


4)  A Pop Up will appear asking if you are sure you want to complete the tickler.  This action will deactivate the tickler and remove the Notification Date.  If yes click on Complete.


5)  Your new status for that tickler will be Completed and the Notification Date will be removed.  This status indicates the tickler is Completed/Deactivated.  This specific tickler is now inactive and no actions will be processed for this tickler.


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