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Why is my Tickler Due count on my Ventures Homepage different from the actual Ticklers Due count when I click on the record?


Ventures Home Page Ticklers Due Widget:

  • The count displayed on your Ventures Home Page Ticklers Due Widget is a total count for All Ticklers Due, including any Out of Portfolio loans that still have Ticklers attached.
  • Note: Ticklers do not automatically become terminated when a loan becomes Out of Portfolio
  • To manually complete a tickler that you no longer want to track visit this KB Article Manually Completing/Deactivating a Tickler



Using the screenshot above as an example I clicked on the Insurance System Template: 8 record from my Ventures Home Page Ticklers Due Widget

  • When I click on the Insurance System Template: 8 record I am re-directed to the Reports & Letters > Ticklers > Ticklers menu  
  • The status filter circled in Red is defaulted to Due
  • The Ticklers table shows 7 Ticklers Due.  Where's the 8th?  Click on the hour glass icon to see the Out of Portfolio field status which automatically defaults to No.  This means Out of Portfolio loans are not being shown on this table. 
  • KEY TAKEAWAY:  There are only 7 Ticklers Due shown on this table because the Out of Portfolio filter is set to No, If I change the filter to Yes I should see any Out of Portfolio Loans (if any). 



I changed my Out of Portfolio filter to Yes, this will now show me any loans that are Out of Portfolio that have a status of Due and have a Tickler attached.

  • The 7 loans that were shown in the above screenshot plus this 1 loan totals the 8 loans that are showing in the Ventures Home Page Ticklers Due widget.
  • This loan that you see below Blue Samarai is an Out of Portfolio loan that has a Due Tickler attached (Reminder: Ticklers do not automatically get removed from Out of Portfolio loans).




Need to Manually Complete your ticklers? Check out the Manually Completing a Tickler KB Article.

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