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Ticklers: Adding a Generic Tickler Template not associated to a specific Tracking Type
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Creating a Generic Tickler Template not associated to a specific Tracking Type.  This example will have you creating a new Tickler Template for you to use in cases where a specific Tracking Type does not exist.  Some examples of when this tickler would be used are as follows:

  • Track Property Taxes
  • Sending a Borrower or Lender a Generic Letter that is not associated with any Tracking items
  • A great alternative to using Bulk Letters for one time items that allow you to specifically choose who gets the letter/email.  Whereas Bulk Letters is limited to only sending the email/letter to the Servicing mailing contact.
  • Ongoing Job Count if you track Jobs outside of SBA's requirement or for Non SBA loan types.
  • Follow up on checklist items regarding the origination or servicing of a loan


  1. Click on Reports & Letters (main menu) > Ticklers > Templates > Add



2.  Name your Tickler Template AND  set your Tracking Type to None

  • General Settings: Determine if you want this Tickler Template to be the Default tickler for this tracking type (click the ? for additional information)
  • Response: Determine if your Tickler requires a response (click the ? for additional information and examples). If a response is required check the box and the Increase by Years/Months/Days fields will become editable, otherwise they will remain locked
  • Pre Scheduling Notification Date: Determine if any Pre Scheduling Notification Dates are needed (click the ? for additional information and examples)
  • Click Save to Save your Template



3.  Access your Tickler Template by Scrolling down to the Actions tab > Click on the Edit icon to Edit :



4.  This screen will change based on the Action Type you select.  In this example we are going to set the Action Type to Email or Print

  • If you would like to use a Document with your tickler, start typing the System document name OR type the name of your custom web template (NOTE:  It has to be a web template created within Ventures)
  • Within the Email General tab select who will be the Primary Email Recipient from the list of available options
  • If you want to add additional contacts, click on the More Contacts tab and select from the list of available options
  • Enter a generic email body to be used with the tickler (NOTE:  We suggest that in every email body you reference the email as coming from [email protected] and if they have questions to contact your dept at (XXX) XXX-XXXX or via email at XXX@XXX)
  • Click on Save when you're done setting your Tickler Template Actions


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