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My table in web templates is too wide or not wide enough
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Tables in the Web Template designer behave differently than tables in Microsoft Word. You may find that your table is not the correct width when you preview or print the document. It might be too big and cut off at the right margin or it may not be expanding to use the entire width of the document. Sometimes, this can be caused by the conversion of Word to Web Templates when using the Convert option for a new document.


Without getting into the technical aspects of why tables are different in Web Templates, there are a few things you can try to fix the issue with the table width.


A. Copy and paste the table from Word

This is the simplest and easiest option to try first. Sometimes, your table's formatting is very complicated and often the best way to add it into your web template is to create it in Word first with the correct width and formatting and then copy and paste the table into your web template.


B. Use the Table Wizard to manually adjust the table width.

  • Open up the Table Wizard by clicking inside the table and using the table wizard button in the menu at the top.
  • On the tab for Table, there will be an option to define your table width. There are two common approaches to setting the table width.
    1. The first option is to change the unit of measurement from "px" to "%". This allows you to define the percentage of the margins the table should occupy. For example, if you want your table to fit the entire length of the margins, you would use 100 as your width with the % unit. This will tell the table to be as wide as 100% of the margins on the page.
    2. The second option allows you finer control over the width of the table by using the "px" unit of measurement. This option essentially requires trial and error as the table being shown in the designer screen will not always be the same as the table in the preview. However, because you can define the exact size of the table, this is an option for those that want that level of precision.
      • For a document with 1" margins, you can start off using a value of 600 px which should fit most of the page from left to right margin. A larger value will start to exceed your 1" margins so you can adjust the margins to be smaller or allow the table to exceed the page margins until it cuts off the page.


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