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How to view Ticklers associated with Out of Portfolio Loans
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How to view Ticklers associated with Out of Portfolio loans?


  • From within the main menu click on Reports & Letters
  • On the left hand menu click on Ticklers > Ticklers
  • Set any applicable table filters (blue highlight below);  TIP: if you'd like to view all Ticklers regardless of status for Out of Portfolio loans, then don't set any filters (as shown below).
  • Click on the Filter icon to view the Out of Portfolio drop-down options and set to Yes;  TIP:  Setting the Out of Portfolio filter to Yes will display Ticklers associated with loans classified as Out of Portfolio 
  • Use the Gear Wheel to Export the table to Excel/PDF if you have a lot of records


In this snapshot we're able to see that 2 Out of Portfolio loans have several ticklers associated with them.  How do I know there are 2 loans?  Look at Log Number and Reference Name columns.




As you can see from the screenshots below, the Tickler table above is displaying the Ticklers for 2 Out of Portfolio loans that still have Ticklers associated.

  • Note: If you'd like to manually complete/deactivate the Tickler so that it no longer appears, please refer to our KB Article Manually Completing and Deactivating a Tickler
  • TIP:  We DO NOT recommend deleting ticklers. Please refer to the article hyperlinked above for next steps





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