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Pre-populated cells in Financial Statements

There are certain fields that are pre-populated for you in a Financial Statement. If you click within the cell and then click on the hyperlinked **Learn More** option, you will launch a Help box showing where the data comes from within Ventures for each field that pre-populates. ![][1] ![][2] In the example above, …

Copying Financial Statements from another project

## **Q: How can I copy the financial statements for an Entity or Principal that I have already done a loan for previously?** There can be situations where you will have borrowers that you do multiple loans for: * You may [copy an application][1] because you are doing concurrent loans for the borrower in different …

Creating a Global Cashflow Video

This video will show you how to create a Global Cashflow within Ventures.

Creating and using a Consolidated Spread

To create and use your consolidated spread please watch this video:

Importing RMA Data to Ventures Financial Statements

The following video will show you how to import data from RMAU to your Ventures platform. We also have a handout you can download within this article for future reference. Don't see the NAICS Code in RMA? View the KB article [RMA NAICS Code Workaround][1] [1]:…

Foundational Webinar: Ventures Loan Analysis Menu Overview

This is a previously recorded webinar that discusses a general overview of the Loan Analysis menus in Ventures. Users may also download the Loan Analysis Overview workbook PDF attached to this article. Topics Covered: * Introduction * Administration - System Preferences * Company Statements * Company Stateme…

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