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Pre-populated cells in Financial Statements
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There are certain fields that are pre-populated for you in a Financial Statement. If you click within the cell and then click on the hyperlinked Learn More option, you will launch a Help box showing where the data comes from within Ventures for each field that pre-populates. 





In the example above, we can see that the amount for the Building  is populating from the Financing Tab > Project Total 






You can un-link the linked cells at any time to input your own figures. Click on the cell, in the menu that appears click on the Unlink from Ventures Data option. You will now be able to edit the data in the cell.




If you un-link a cell by mistake or you change your mind and want to re-link a cell, click on the cell, click on the Link To Ventures Data option. The system will re-link the cell to the appropriate data in Ventures.




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