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Generating the INITIAL PPP 1502 within Ventures

The attached workbook will show Lenders where to locate the PPP 1502 report, explain some data points within the INITIAL PPP 1502 Report, and where to submit the first report.

Report Statuses for the Form 1502

In this article, we will describe setting the report status for the Form 1502 within Payments. This article will focus on how some statuses will be automatically set. For a full definition of 1502 statuses, please refer to the Colson Services resource area: []…

Release Notes - 2021-11-17

# **![][1]** **November 17, 2021** **Announcements** # **Ventures Knowledgebase:** **Did you know that Ventures has a Knowledge Base platform where you have access to helpful Articles, Videos, Submit a Support Ticket and even track your support tickets? ** * **Access the Ventures Knowledge Base widget located o…

Payments+ How to Generate a 1502 Report

You will need to be able to access the **Payments** main menu tab in order to generate a1502 report. You will be able to generate a report filtered by different loan programs and report types. **_How to Generate a 1502 report_** 1) Click on the **Payments** main menu tab on the upper right hand site of your Ventures…

Generating the Monthly PPP 1502 Report And 10 Calendar Day Funding PPP 1502 Report

The attached workbook will show the steps to generate either the Monthly PPP 1502 Reprt or the 10 calendar day Funding Report, how to finalize it, and how to submit it. PPP 1502 Updates **_REPORT LOCATION_** Utilities > PPP menu > 1502 ********See attached workbook for more detailed information******** **NEW FEAT…

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