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Changing the Loan Type
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Sometimes a loan doesn't end up fitting a certain loan program.  In those instances you would want to change the Loan Type to match the loan program.  To change the Loan Type follow these steps:

  • Click on the Loan Menu labeled General (you will land on the General > General tab by default);
  • Click on the hyperlinked Loan Type (NOTE:  If your Loan Type is not hyperlinked your loan status is either in the Approved or Funded status and will need to be changed to Open status if you want to change the loan type for the loan you're working on).

  • Select the appropriate Loan Type from the options in the drop-down and then click on Next;

  • You will be presented with a confirmation pop-up.  Please read the text in the yellow highlighted area as changing loan types will impact certain fields from being enabled or not.  Click on Change Loan Type if you agree with changing the Loan Type.

  • Click on Save in the General screen.  




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