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Servicing Mailing Contact/Address
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When a loan status is changed to Funded within the General > General tab you will notice that a new section appears towards the bottom of the interface labeled Servicing Mailing Contact/Address.  Some items to note are the following:

  • Primary Contact - This field is a drop-down of contacts created within your Entities table(s).  To activate the drop-down input a value and then back-space out of it.  A list of options will appear.
  • Salutation - This is an optional field for data entry.  The Salutation will merge onto the system servicing letters in lieu of the Primary Contact name.  For example, if you input Sam Smith as the Primary Contact and in the Salutation field input Dr. Smith, the Ventures System Servicing letters will grab Dr. Smith for the Salutation.
  • Street, City, State, Zip, County - These will auto-populate with the Project Property Address however you can overwrite the address if you prefer to use another address.
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