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Personal Financial Statements
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From the Overview page:

  • Click on Analysis. A submenu will appear.
  • Click on Financial Statements

  • Click Add



  • The Add a Financial Statement popup will appear. In the Analysis Type field, select Personal.
  • In the Template field, select the financial statement template you would like to use. You can use a system created one or a custom template created by a Site Admin.
  • Next select a contact in the Contact field. The list of contacts in the dropdown menu includes contacts associated with Businesses in the Entities area.
  • Select the Cashflow Entity in the corresponding field. These will be pulled from the Entities in the Entity section of the project.
  • The prior loans field allows you to import a financial statement you have created for this person before. If you know the loan/project number, you can select it here and the statement will be imported.
  • Finally give the statement a description. The system will automatically use the person’s name, change it if you wish.
  • Review your settings then click Save.


  • The pop up will disappear and the page will load the statement. You will see a prompt that says “Add Period.” Click it to begin the statement.


Some settings will appear that you need to decide.

  • First is this going to be a Historical Period, or a Projection. Make your selection using the radio buttons.
  • Specify the As of Date of the Statement and its Tax Period End using the date fields.
  • The analyst field is automatically filled in with the name of whoever is logged in and creating the statement. You can use the X button to remove the name and add another Analyst’s name to it.
  • The Include in Cashflow option if checked will include the period in the discretionary income for the Entity the person is associated with.
  • The Include in Credit Memo option, if checked will include a summary of the period in the personal discretionary income section of the credit memo if the section is part of the template. This is not a full spread.
  • The Include in Personal Resource Analysis option if checked will allows you to use data from the spread in the Personal Resource Analysis section of Ventures.
  • If you check the lock option, the section will not be editable. This help prevent data overwrites.
  • Go through and make your selections then click Add
  • The Add period popup will disappear. You will see the period you have just created listed in the statement.



  • Now you can add more periods following the steps above, or you can continue with filling in your Period.
  • For a Personal Statement, enter your amount as Whole Dollars.


  • Any field with a white label allows you to change the label of the field. Simply click in it to make edits.



  • When you finish adding and filling out periods. Click save.
  • Go through the remaining tabs and add any information you need to.
  • Click Save.


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