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Generating a Credit Memo
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We have updated the screen where you generate credit memos.


  • To generate a credit memo, from the main page of the loan, click on Analysis in the loan menu on the left
  • Click credit memo from the sub menu that appears that appears. 


When the page loads you will see a list of Financial Statements available to include in the credit memo in the column on the left. You can choose which statements to include in your credit memo.



  • To select a statement, click on it in the Financial Statements Available column and use the right facing arrow button to add it to the Financial Statements Selected column on the right. If you hold down the shift button on your keyboard, you can select multiple statements at the same time.



  • You can use the button with two arrows to add all the statements.



  • To remove a statement select them in the Financial Statement Selected column and click the left facing arrow to return it to the column labeled Financial Statements Available. Use the double left facing arrow to move them all with one click



  • Once you have selected the statements you would like to include, you can use the up and down arrow buttons to determine the order the statement appear in the credit memo. Click a statement, then use the up or down button to move it ahead or behind other statements you have selected. The statements will appear in the order you have them listed in the Financial Statements .



  • Once you have made your selections, use the Credit Memo dropdown menu to select the credit memo template you would like to use. There are Ventures provided credit memos, or you can create your own. Make your selection from the dropdown menu.


  • Next use the Merge Output Format dropdown to decide whether you would like the credit memo to output as a Word Document or a PDF.



  • Make sure to choose whether to Obscure Tax IDs or not by using the check box. If left unchecked, Tax IDs and Social Security Numbers will be visible in the credit memo.


  • Review whether you want to include hyperlinks in your credit memo. If you choose to include hyperlinks, and you send the memo to someone electronically, they will be able to see your Ventures URL by clicking on the link. Uncheck the box to omit the links to Ventures.


  • Once you finish making your selections, click the Generate Credit Memo button.



The credit memo will generate and download. It may download automatically, or it may ask you where you want to save the credit memo, depending on your settings.

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