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Project Costs Sources and Uses for 7a and Commercial Platform Loan Types
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We suggest starting your data input with the Financing > Financing tab 1st.



Financing > Financing tabAdd the Financing Source(s) - adding your Financing Source(s) amounts will unlock the Sources and Uses fields within the Project Costs tab

Project Costs tab:  Add the Project Cost Type(s) 

Complete the Sources and Uses section within each Project Cost record indicating how much is allocated from each of the financing sources.

Note: if the Sources and Uses fields are grayed out it is because you have not input the Financing Source(s) within the Financing > Financing tab



Validations are in place to ensure the Financing and Total Eligible Costs reconcile.

  • Hover over the red circled exclamation point to see the error
  • In this example 3 validation errors were captured for the user to address
  • In order to address the issues Click on the hyperlinked Project Cost Type and edit the Sources and Uses accordingly.  If the Sources and Uses fields are grayed out check to make sure that you have the appropriate Funds allocated within the Financing tab.  Note the Financing tab and the Project Costs tab must balance.


7a View

Commercial View: 



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