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Finding the Lender Location ID
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This article will cover how to find the Lender Location ID using Ventures and the CAFS platform.


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Accessing a Lender's VCard


To look up the lender's location ID, you will need to be within the Lender VCard. There are two methods for accessing Lender's VCards.


Option 1: 


  • Find a loan that the Lender is a part of. You will need to be on the General page of the loan. Click on the Financing menu option in the menu on the left side of the screen. When the page loads click the Financing Tab. Click the name of the lender whose VCard you wish to access.



  • A pop up will appear. This is not their Vcard. In the pop up click the Lender's Name in the Lender field. You can see it is hyperlinked.



  • Another pop up will appear. This is the Lender's VCard.



Option 2:

  • From any page in Ventures click on the Companies menu option in the menu that runs across the top of your screen.
  • The companies page will load. It displays a table containing all the companies in your system. If you see the Lender whose Vcard you want to access click on their name.


  • If you do not see the Lender you are looking for use the search bar to search for them, then click on their name.



  • The pop up that appears after clicking on their name is their VCard. 
  • Now that you are on the VCard click the question mark icon next to the "Location ID" Field



  • A help page will load. The page explains that you can lookup the location ID on SBA's website. There is a link that says "Click here," it leads to the website, click the link.



  • The SBA lookup site will load. You can use this site to search for Lender's using their name, address or a variety of other identifiers.



  • You can narrow your search using the drop down box that is located just before fields where you type in your search term.



  • There are three options to help narrow your search:
    • Starts With: The search will return results that start with your search term.
    • Contains: The search will return results that contain your search term in any part of it.
    • Is: The search will return results that match your search term exactly. 


  • When you finish entering your search parameters click the  Lookup button for the section you are searching in. In this example I am searching using a name so I will click the "Lookup by Name, Type, City. State and/or Zip" button.



  • The results will load. The column labeled location is the column that contains the Location ID. Scroll through till you find the Lender you are looking for.



  • You may have to scroll down and click the "More Rows" button if you do not see the Lender in the first page of search results.



An important note: Please remember that SBA requires you use the location ID of a Lender's headquarters. If they have multiple offices, ensure you are selecting the ID for their headquarters. 


  • Once you find the Lender you are looking for copy the location ID or make a note of it.
  • Then return to the VCard in ventures and paste or enter it into the Location ID field. 
  • Press the save button. The Lender's VCard is now updated with their Location ID. 


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