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How to Copy an Existing System Tickler Template
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To copy an existing System Tickler Template follow the steps below:

  1. Access Reports & Letters > Ticklers > Templates
  2. Set the Filter to System
  3. Decide which Tickler Template you'd like to Copy (click on the hyperlinked Name to view the Template and take note of the Template Name).
  4. Click on the Paper icon located to the left of the Tickler Template Name.
  5. Once you click on the paper icon, the template is automatically copied.
  6. Change your filter to Non-System and search for the document you copied (the name of the Template copied will end in (Copied)). For example 2 Year Anniversary System Template (Copied).
  7. Once Copied, you may click on the Template Name and Change the Name.  Don't forget to click on Save!







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