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How can I get a report of Ticklers that have been processed?
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The Reports area has system Tickler reports which can be used for management and auditing purposes. Like all Ventures reports, system reports cannot be modified but the user may copy the report and create their own custom version based on the system report.

The Tickler Audit History report will allow you to view any or all Ticklers which have been processed.

1. Click on the Tickler Audit History Report to access the Results Tab of the report.

2. Select the parameters for the report. The Tickler History Category should be set to "Process" to show every instance of a processed Tickler. You may choose as many or as few templates for the report using the Tickler History Template parameter. You may use the remaining two parameters as needed.

3. When ready, hit the Run button to view the report. To export the report, use the gear wheel on the right side of the search bar and select either Excel or PDF.

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