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Where do I input the Parcel Number for my property?

Parcel Numbers are entered in the **Collateral **menu within the **Real Estate** tab for the specific piece of collateral. ![][1] [1]:

Recording UCC information

Users are able to record UCC filings related to their projects. Within the **Collateral** menu > **non real estate collateral** type record > **Lien Recording** tab, check off the UCC Filing box to open up recording information fields. * If Type is set to Initial Filing, then after entering a Filing Date and tabbin…

ETRAN - Passing Collateral records from Ventures to ETRAN

If Lenders have more than one collateral record in their Ventures Collateral table the record for the additional non-Project Property record(s) will need to be passed to ETRAN. How do you do this? ![][1] Within a loan in Ventures: * Click on SBA Submission menu; * Click on Etrans; * Click on the green **+Add*…

Foundational Webinar: Ventures Administration

This is a previously recorded webinar that discusses a general overview of the Administration section. Please note that the Administration section of Ventures can only be accessed by each organization's assigned Site Administrators. Users may also download the Administration Overview workbook PDF attached to this arti…

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