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NAICS Codes and RMA data import Workaround

# Ventures has updated the NAICS Code list to reflect the 2022 list that is used for Etran. RMA may or may not have the updated codes therefore you may throw errors if your RMA data is referencing an inactive NAICS when importing of RMA data to Ventures. There may also be times that RMA doesn't have enough data to bu…

Importing RMA Data to Ventures Financial Statements

The following video will show you how to import data from RMAU to your Ventures platform. We also have a handout you can download within this article for future reference. Don't see the NAICS Code in RMA? View the KB article [RMA NAICS Code Workaround][1] [1]:…

Foundational Webinar: Ventures Loan Analysis Menu Overview

This is a previously recorded webinar that discusses a general overview of the Loan Analysis menus in Ventures. Users may also download the Loan Analysis Overview workbook PDF attached to this article. Topics Covered: * Introduction * Administration - System Preferences * Company Statements * Company Stateme…

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