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How to Waive or Reduce Fees: Late, NSF, and Other

If you have a payment account that has an outstanding fee balance and you would like to reduce or waive the fee, please go to the **Payments > Transactions **menu. 1) Click** Add+ **button. 2) Select the **Fee **Transaction Type you want to reduce or waive ( Late, NSF, OR Other). ![][1] 3) You will see the** Curre…

Assess Late Fees in Bulk

You can assess late fees in bulk in** Payments** > **Settings** > **General**. There are two options: 1.**Nightly Late Fee Check** checkbox 2.**+Add Late Fees** button ![][1] IF you check the **Nightly Late Fee Check** checkbox, the system will automatically apply late fees on a nightly basis across your whole por…

Payments Fee Transaction Types

This article will explain what _Fee _transaction types can be assessed within a borrower's payment account. There are 3 transaction types that are labelled as Fee: * Late Fee * NSF Fee * Other Fee ![][1] **Late Fee** Transaction Type * Using the Late Fee transaction type will allow you to assess a late fee…

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