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Personal Resource Analysis

SBA Procedural Notice 5000-20003 effective March 11, 2020 reinstated the Personal Resources Test as an aid to assist SBA Lenders in determining whether an Applicant has access to credit elsewhere, including from the personal resources of the owners (individual or entity) owning 20% or more of the Applicant. Below are …

Adding Personal Resource section to Credit Memo

Personal Resource Analysis is no longer required to be included in the analysis being presented to SBA as of April 2, 2020. In a 504 & 7a Connect Calls (June/July 2020) SBA did make a point to mention that adding the Personal Resource Analysis to your SLPC memo would be good practice. For lenders that choose to add th…

Foundational Webinar: Ventures Loan Analysis Menu Overview

This is a previously recorded webinar that discusses a general overview of the Loan Analysis menus in Ventures. Users may also download the Loan Analysis Overview workbook PDF attached to this article. Table of Contents * Introduction * Administration - System Preferences * Company Statements * Company State…

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