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Global Cashflow Tips

# Every lender will use the Global Cash flow in a different manner. It is flexible enough so that you can pick and choose periods. You can even create multiple Global Cash Flows for a particular loan. This is the Global Cash Flow after selecting the entities and individuals. The Adjustment field at the bottom is use…

Personal Financial Data Entry - Not using Global Cashflow

# If you decide your loan does not require a global cashflow analysis (or if you plan to not use it at all) your data input would look similar to this snapshot. * 1 Period created * **As Of Date** would indicate the most recent PFS date * **Tax Period End** would indicate the most recent PTR being used ![][1] …

Personal Financial Data Entry - Using Global Cashflow

# This is an example of a loan that is having a Global Cash flow added. Note the multiple periods. The key points to remember are: * Your principals need to have periods (interim, historical and/or projections) for them to be added to a global cashflow These examples are showing a tax year ending period of 2018, P…

Creating and using a Consolidated Spread

To create and use your consolidated spread please watch this video:

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