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Global Cashflow Tips
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Every lender will use the Global Cash flow in a different manner.  It is flexible enough so that you can pick and choose periods.  You can even create multiple Global Cash Flows for a particular loan.

This is the Global Cash Flow after selecting the entities and individuals. 

The Adjustment field at the bottom is used to make any necessary adjustments to the Available Income and/or Required income columns for each year.

  • There is only one Adjustment line.  Use the Narrative box to make comments and breakout any amounts that need explanation. 

Note:  An interim statement may be included and is driven by the Primary Operating Company’s number of months.  Each of the individual’s data is then prorated to match the interim. 

Does your entity have varying year-ends?

In the event that you have entities with varying year-ends and therefore the interim is not the same number of months as the Operating Company, it is suggested that you add another record to those entities and do the pro-ration within that period’s financial.  You wouldn’t need to complete every financial line item, just the key ones to make up the income and debt.  You also want to make sure the Include in Form & Reports box is not checked.

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