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Remove Use for Proforma selection
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If you see a star icon in the column heading of a period, this means that it is being using pro forma calculations. If you decide that you do not wish to use any period as the starting period for a proforma calculation or you accidentally selected a period for the proforma calculations, you can remove this setting through Manage Periods. Using Manage Periods will remove all user settings from the period but will not delete any of your data entry.


1.Open up Manage Periods. In the list of periods, remove the period that was accidentally marked.



2. Once the period is removed, click OK to return to the statement grid and verify that the period is no longer in view. Save your statement.

3. Open up Manage Periods again. In the area at the top labeled "Available Periods", find the period you had just removed and Add it back into view.


4. Click OK to return to the statement grid and verify the period is back in view but no longer shows it is marked for the Proforma.



5. Reselect the options for that period that you need since all selections are cleared with this process (ie, Include in Forms & Reports, etc). Save your statement.

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