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Notes labeled as Alerts
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A new feature was deployed on March 7, 2019 where users can add Alerts to the loan headers flagging certain items within a loan.

Watch this video OR follow the steps below to create/edit your alerts.



The following are steps to add/edit alerts:

  • Alert(s) are created within the Notes table
  • Notes marked as Alert within the Note will appear in the header of the specified loan and will be a visible notification for anyone who views the loan.

  • The Alert(s) you create are hyperlinked as shown in the Header snapshot above.  When you click on the hyperlink the Note window will pop-up for further editing.  
  • When you save the Note the screen will automatically refresh to reflect your changes (i.e. removing the alert status - un-checking the Alert box, changing the text, etc...).  You can click on the Help bubble (?) for further information
  • Within the Notes grid, Alerts are sorted to the top of the grid.  If you remove the Alert from the Note the sorting priority will fall back down to the proper order based on the Date the Note was added.
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