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Global Cashflow Statement
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From the Overview page:

  • Click on Analysis. A submenu will appear.
  • Click on Financial Statements


  • Click Add




  • The Add a Financial Statement popup will appear. In the Analysis Type field, select Global Cashflow.
  • Give the statement a description. Try and be as descriptive as possible.
  • Review your settings then click Save.



  • The pop up will disappear and the page will load the statement. You will see a prompt that says “Manage Periods.” Click it to begin the statement.



The manage periods pop up will appear. This pop up is where you will select which spreads you wish to include in the global cashflow statement.

  • In the Spread drop down menu select the spread you would like to pull the period from. If you do not see any options in the Spread drop-down menu it means there are no statements to include.
  • Then select the specific period you would like to include in the Available Period drop down menu.
  • Click the Add button. You should see the selected period move to the selected period section of the pop up.


  • Add as many periods as you would like from as many spreads as you would like.



  • To remove a period, click the X or cross icon next to it.
  • When you finish making your selections, click OK

The pop up will disappear and the statement will load. You will not be able to edit the statement except for the adjustment field as it is simply consolidating already existing statements.

  • Click Save.

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