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The Approval menu lets you track internal, committee and executive committee approvals. The internal approval fields will automatically populate if the relevant fields are filled on the partner contacts page.

  • From the overview page of the loan, click on Analysis.
  • In the submenu that appears click on Approval.
  • Fill in the names of the people in the roles specified, and use the recommendation drop down menu to select what their recommendation was and use the date field to record what date you received it.


If the person you are trying to add to a field does not appear in the dropdown menu, it means they have been assigned the appropriate job role. Your site administrator can assign them to the appropriate job role by following the instructions in the article here. 

You can add board approvals in the board approvals section: 

  • Click the Add button.


  • Select the name of the contact you are adding, their recommendation, the date of the recommendation, any comments and click save. 


  • To edit a record in the board approval table, click the name of the contact. The edit pop up will appear. Make your edits and click save.


  • Click the X button to delete a record entered in the board approvals table. Confirm by clicking the delete button in the pop up.

  • When you finish filling out information on the Approval page, make sure you click the save button.

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