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Assigning more than one ETRAN Bucket / Category to a Document Type
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Site administrators can now assign more than one 504 or 7(a) category ETRAN bucket to a document type. This can be useful, for example, if a Lender would like to map a document type to both the Appraisal bucket AND the SLPC PCLP Audit bucket; and have the document automatically pull in for either one that is requested for a submission type when in the SBA Submissions > ETRAN menu.


To set this up you will need to be a site administrator:


  • Log in with a site administrator account. Click administration in the menu at the top of the screen. When the page loads, click Reference. From the sub menu that appears click Documents, from the Documents sub menu click Document Types



  • Click the name of the document you would like to assign to multiple ETRAN buckets. If you do not see the document type you want to edit, use the search bar to find it.



  • When you click the document name, the Edit Document Type popup will appear. Use the SBA Categories field to assign SBA buckets to the document. Type in the name of the category and the field should narrow down results till you find the category you would like. Click it to add it. 



  • Do this with all the categories you would like to add. Add as many as you would like.



  • When you finish click save.



  • The document type will automatically be included in any submissions that match the categories you assigned. 



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