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Setting up an account with a general inbox email
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In this article, we will discuss setting up a Ventures account that uses a general inbox email address.


You may have general inbox email addresses for various purposes at your organization. You may want to use these email addresses within Ventures when performing certain tasks such as Servicing emails or 504 ETRAN applications. In Ventures, each user account must have a unique email address and each active user is counted towards your organization's overall seat licenses. However, there are some things that you can do if you want to use a general inbox email address.


OPTION 1 - Update your own user email address when needed.

This option is the most straightforward option. When you perform bulk email actions in Ventures such as Tickler processing or Bulk Letters, the return email address will always be that of the user that performed the action. So before you perform a bulk email action, you can change your user account's email address to a different email address. The easiest way to do this is by accessing your account in your profile and updating your contact virtual card.

  1. Click on your username in the upper right corner of your Ventures screen to access the Profile area.
  2. Click on your Contact name to access your accounts virtual card.

  3. Change the email address on your virtual card.

  4. Perform the action that requires this email address.
  5. Repeat Steps 1 -3 to change your email address back.


OPTION 2 - Purchase a full seat license and create a generic user account

By purchasing a seat license, you are able to create a full user account and also allow it to perform bulk actions such as sending out Bulk Letters or Ticklers without the worry of changing your email each time. The best example of using an account like this would be for 504 ETRAN notifications. If you have an inbox that is shared by all staff in the loan processing area, using a general inbox email address for ETRAN notifications will allow everyone to view the notifications as they come in. Your organization must decide if this option would be the best use of an additional seat license.

  1. In the Users area of Administration, click +Add to add a new user account.
  2. Enter in the account details of the generic account. You MUST fill in all required information to create an normal user account.

  3. When adding the contact to be created, use the general inbox email message as the email address.

  4. Save the account to save your changes. This will also send an email to the general inbox email to set up the account. You may choose to complete the account process or ignore the verification if no user will ever be logging into the account.
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