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Gateway Field Types
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Below are the Field Types available in an Application Form. If you are creating a field that does not exist in Ventures and have selected the "None" value in the Choose Ventures Field dropdown, you will see all field types available. If you have selected an existing Ventures field, your Field Type dropdown may be limited or locked to match the field type of the existing field in Ventures.


  • Checkbox - Creates a checkbox next to field name on application form
  • Country - Dropdown menu with list of countries
  • Currency - $ format that allows decimals, does not round up
  • Date - xx/xx/xxxx format, also provides a calendar to select date
  • Decimal - Allows numbers to be entered with decimals
  • DropDown - Dropdown list for applicant to select from (Custom list or existing Option list)
  • EIN -  Formats as a business tax ID number, only allows numbers 
  • Email - Formats as an email address
  • HtmlContent - Creates a block of text within the application, and Lender can use formatting like bolding, italicizing, etc to provide information to applicant
  • Integer - Allows numbers and allows negative numbers
  • LoanEntityGrid - Used in the ownership grid breakdown, do not use twice
  • LoanUserLookup - Provides dropdown of all applicants added to application. Can be used to select a joint tax filing spouse, for example (ie. Please select the person you file your taxes with and dropdown menu pulls in applicant names on application added by primary applicant). 
  • Memo - Multi-line textbox
  • Phone - Formats as a phone number, only allows numbers
  • SSN - Formatted as a SSN and needs 9 digits entered
  • State - Dropdown menu with list of US States
  • TextBox - Single-line textbox
  • Year - Allows four digits
  • YesNo - Yes / No radio buttons
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