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Gateway Auto-Generated Emails
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There are 7 auto-generated email templates in Gateway. These emails get sent when certain actions are taken. Your Site Admin can customize the verbiage on the 7 templates in Site Settings > Email Templates menu.


The 7 templates are:

  • Application Decline
    • Generated when Lender changes application status to Declined. Lender can optionally send this email to applicants.
    • If lender is using a credit pull in the application and set a minimum score to filter applications by, then the email will automatically be sent out if application declined due to score
  • Application More Information
    • Generated when Lender marks an uploaded document not approved, or adds additional document request, on a Submitted status application
  • Application More Information NonBorrower
    • Generated when Lender marks an uploaded document, assigned to NonBorrower, not approved, or adds additional document request, on a Submitted status application
  • Application Owner Invite
    • Generated when Primary Applicant submits the data portion of the application with additional guarantors/owners listed on the ownership grid
  • Application Owner Invite By Lender
    • Generated when Lender invites an applicant to fill out an application
  • Application Submitted
    • Generated when all required data and documents have been provided by applicant(s)
    • Generated when additional documentation requested on application has been provided and application status changes back to Submitted
  • Internal Invite
    • When Lender invites a Lender or Third Party user to register on the portal


How do I edit the email templates?

You can edit the email templates by clicking on the edit (pencil) icon. You will be able to edit the subject and body of the email. There is a merge field bank at the bottom of the templates if you want to merge data from the application into the email. After making edits, it is recommended to use the Preview button on the bottom right-hand corner to see the changes made. Click Save when finished.

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