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Gateway Logo and Portal Color setup
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This article will tell you how to add/change your portal's logo, and change your portal's primary and secondary colors. You will need to have Lender Admin permission settings to update your portal logo and colors. 


  • Log into Gateway
  • Click on your profile icon in the upper right hand corner
  • Select Site Settings
  • You will be automatically dropped off into the General Settings menu
  • Scroll down to Site Styling section
  • If you want to update your portal's primary and secondary colors, enter the hex code for each
    • Typically your marketing team will have this information. If not, you can google a color and hex code to try and obtain something similar.
    • Primary Color will be the color you see most on the portal. It will be the top header color and some buttons.
    • Secondary Color will be in the background as buttons or lettering colors.
  • If you want to update your logo, click on the Upload icon (arrow pointing up below line image) to upload the file
    • Depending on your Primary or Secondary color, you may want to upload a logo that is transparent in the background.
    • Logos with less verbiage work best.
    • The upload accepts Image type files (.jpeg, .tiff, etc)
  • Click Save
  • You may need to refresh your page to see the changes

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