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Gateway Mapping Document Requests to document types in Ventures
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This article will explain how to map a document request, from Gateway, to an existing Document Type in Ventures if the Lender has Ventures Document Storage or BMI Document Storage on their site. This will need to be done for every document request in order for the document(s) to be available in the loan record when pushing the application from Gateway to Ventures. The user will need to have Site Administration permission settings in Ventures.


  1. In Ventures, go to Administration > External Sync > Document Mapping tab
  2. Click +Add
  3. In External Document field, enter the Document Type name exactly as it appears in Gateway > Site Settings > Document Types menu (make sure there are no additional spaces)
  4. In the Document Type dropdown menu, select what Document Type you would like the document coming from Gateway to map to in Ventures
  5. Click Save
  6. Repeat steps 1-5 until all Document Types from Gateway you want to map to Ventures has been completed
  7. Watch THIS short video summary


How do I edit an existing mapping record?

If you need to edit a document mapping record, simply click on the hyperlinked External Document Type name of the record. You can then edit the Gateway Document Type in the External Document field or update the Ventures/BMI Document Type in the Document Type dropdown menu. Click Save when finished.



What if I do not have anything in the Document Type dropdown menu or I do not have the Document Type I want to select in the dropdown menu?

You will first need to add the Document Type in Administration > Reference > Documents > Document Types menu.


NOTE: The error message Data Push Success, Document Failure means application data was pushed to Ventures to create a record, but document(s) or some documents have not been pushed over. This is because there are document request types that have not been mapped to Document Types in Ventures. You can go to the Activity Log in the application and click on the View Log button to see which documents did not push over.


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