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Gateway Updating mapping Identifiers in an application
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This article will show how a Lender, with Lender Admin permissions, can update an identifier field in their Gateway application.  An identifier can map a question asked in an application to a specific field in Ventures once the application is pushed over. If the identifier is not valid, the question and response will be pushed to the Notes section of the created Ventures record. ***Note: After making updates to identifiers and publishing the application form(s), any NEW applications created will have the change. Any application previously created before the update will have the old identifier.***

How to update an existing identifier:

  • Go to Site Settings > Application Settings menu
  • Depending on where the question/identifier is located, click into the hyperlinked current version of the form
    • Primary Application form - Primary Applicant questions 
    • Additional Contact form - Other owners/guarantor questions
    • Loan Products > Click Edit icon > Go to Application Questions or Contact Questions form - Product specific questions
  • Click New Version
  • Locate field/identifier and click Edit Icon 
  • In Identifier field, update identifier name
  • Click Ok
  • Click Save
  • Follow same steps to update any other identifiers
  • Once completed, click Validate in the form(s)
  • Click Publish once you are ready to publish the form
  • Watch video HERE for a summary of the steps above



You can see a list of current available identifiers in the Administration menu > External Sync > Data Mapping > +ADD > Internal Field dropdown menu.


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