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Gateway How to Review Submitted Applications
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This article will show how a lender can review applications started and/or submitted within their Gateway portal.


How can you review the DATA that was entered?

You can review the data applicant(s) have entered at any stage/status of the application

  • To Review data entered:
    • Click on the hyperlinked application number you want to review
    • Click View Application
  • To Edit data entered:
    • Click View Application
    • Click Edit Application


How can you review the DOCUMENTS that were uploaded?

You can review the documents uploaded at any stage/status of the application. You can also request additional documentation at any point, including after pushing an application to Ventures. For information on how to request additional documents, please review KB Article Gateway How to add an additional Document Request to an existing application.

  • To Review documents uploaded:
    • Click on the hyperlinked application number you want to review
    • Click View Documents
    • Click on Document Request to have the uploaded document visible
    • You can view the document several ways:
      • Click on the eye icon to preview the file. This will bring up a window to review the document without downloading it to your computer
      • Click on hyperlinked file to download the file to your computer and view
      • Click on Download All for all files to be downloaded to your computer as a zip file


  • To Approve or Disapprove documents (optional):
  • Click thumbs up icon to Approve and mark the document Accepted
  • Click thumbs down icon to mark the document Incomplete.
    • You will be prompted to provide a reason that will be visible to Applicant
    • You will want to do this if you want the Applicant to provide a different document that satisfies the request
    • This will update the application status to More Information Needed
    • The primary Applicant will be notified by an auto-generated email. If the document request was assigned to another individual, then that individual will be notified.
    • Once document(s) have been uploaded, the application status will change back to Submitted

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